Food and Wine

Food and wine, the gastronomy in the Alentejo

Food and wine are very important in Portugal. The Alentejo cuisine is known for its honest cooking, fresh products, traditional recipes and influences of the old past. Culturally used to socialising in restaurants, the Portuguese know their gastronomy. Grilled sardines,  stewed lamb and roasted chicken, are local favourites, but don’t forget to try something special as shark in coriander sauce or squid with ink. Most restaurants in the Alentejo are not expensive, a meal with drinks is about 15€. Of course there are also up-market restaurants, but even those,compared to Northern standards, are very reasonably priced.

During the summer Fiona and Simon can take you on wine tours to discover the wines of the Alentejo. Or organize wine tastings, even at your own terrace. Simon is a wine expert from Brighton where he runs a wine  shop. Have a look at their website

Nearly every village or town has a market once a week where you can buy local fresh products.


To learn more about the famous wines from the Alentejo, there are several vineyards to visit. For groups we also arrange wine-tasting classes with a professional.

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